6. HAF Accountability System

All humanitarian programme monitoring and evaluation is part of CARE’s commitment to accountability and connected to CARE’s HAF Accountability System. The HAF Accountability System is designed to monitor how well CARE performs against both its Humanitarian Quality and Accountability Commitments and its Humanitarian Performance Targets within each emergency response. Furthermore, the system allows individual response performances to be compared with one another, across the globe and over time.

CARE’s Programme Information and Impact Reporting System (PIIRS) and the CHS verification process will support the synthesis and analysis of CARE’s organization wide performance against HAF targets and commitments which will be summarized and presented in the annual Humanitarian Performance Metrics reports.

Key HAF related reporting outputs include:

  • project and programme monitoring reports
  • Rapid Accountability Review (RAR) reports
  • After Action Review (AAR) reports
  • Response Performance Summaries (RPS)
  • Reports on Accountability Matrixes (for Type 4 responses)
  • project, programme and thematic evaluation reports
  • Crisis Overviews
  • Humanitarian Performance Metrics reports (annual synthesis of RPS findings and scores)
  • CHS alignment reports and rolling scorecard (bi-annual, public)

Monitoring, RAR and AAR outputs as well as the RPS are shared internally within CARE through the Crisis Coordination Group and ERWG in order to allow for immediate management response action. Core data from these sources are also stored in CARE’s database for humanitarian crisis and responses. The database is currently under construction and will ultimately allow the visualization of real time performance data for all stakeholders in CARE for enhanced management efficiency, transparency and mutual accountability.

Humanitarian Performance Metrics reports are compiled each year for the CARE International Senior Leadership Team (Humanitarian & Operations). All Performance Metrics reports, evaluation reports and CHS verification outputs are, for the sake of accountability, shared via CARE’s International’s Electronic Evaluation Library (EEL). Synthesized performance data and the results of the CHS verifications will be made public as a rolling scorecard together with the related improvement plans as required by the statutes of the CHS Alliance. The report of a met-analysis in 2016 of CARE’s humanitarian work against CHS commitments together with an initial scorecard using the CHS quality criteria and indicators can be found in the CHS folder on Minerva.

For fuller guidance on all monitoring and evaluation, please refer to the relevant chapter of this toolkit. For RAR reports, AAR reports, Performance Metrics reports and other useful documents, please refer to the Annexes in this chapter.