5. When and where to get specialist help

A specialist should be sought when the CO does not have adequate technical health capacity in its team to be able to meet the health needs of the emergency. International technical expertise in the health sector can be requested through the CERT mechanism (refer to Chapter 21 Human resources).

CARE USA SRHR Global team is available to provide programmatic guidance for design and implementation of SRH in emergency response. The Global SRHR team is also available to help build regional and CO level capacity in SRHR in emergencies as part of emergency preparedness and planning activities.
Remote technical support and advice is available from CARE USA, including health technical support for emergencies in Sexual and Reproductive Health and basic components of primary health care. The SRHR Global team is available to provide programmatic guidance for design and implementation of SRH in emergencies support.

  • Technical assistance specific to sexual and reproductive health in crises can be sought from Kamlesh Giri, Senior Technical Advisor, based in Washington, DC at kgiri@care.org
  • Technical guidelines can be accessed through the technical units based in Atlanta, and through the internal and external websites referred to in sections 8   and 9.