7. CARE’s capacity and experience

”The strategic focus of CARE’s health and SRHR sector programming seeks to achieve more equitable access among vulnerable populations, which includes mothers, adolescent girls, and children under five years of age to affordable, high-quality health services through robust and responsive emergency program implementation with strengthened systemic approaches and improved governance.

Currently, health-related programming within CARE extends into nearly 50 countries, including over 200 projects in nutrition, child survival, sexual and reproductive health, infectious disease, and other multi-sectoral programmes. Programming includes incorporation of gender equity, social inclusion and organisational learning. Maternal health programming specifically is taking place in 46 CARE International countries and reaching 36.8 million participants (2014 PIIRS Report). CARE has demonstrated success in using sexual, reproductive, and maternal health interventions as a critical entry point to address the needs of women and girls across the ’emergency to development’ continuum.